Medical Cover, Life Cover & Income Protection

Advisers Worldwide Limited specialises in servicing the financial needs of expatriates, and we would like to offer our expertise to your organisation.
While stationed overseas corporate employees should only receive advice from qualified financial planners. All of our advisers are fully qualified and experienced in servicing the financial needs of expatriates, and offer additional security with comprehensive Professional Indemnity Insurance cover.

It is difficult these days to arrange anything without being offered or required to arrange some sort of insurance. Cars, home, travel, possessions – the list is endless and for many an all too familiar nuisance, until of course the time comes you actually need it. It is easy to try and be careful and hope for the best, but should something happen to you in your new country it can be relieving to know you are covered, especially given that in many countries healthcare is not free.

If you, your spouse or any of your children suffer from an ailment or require medical attention abroad it is likely to come at a cost, which without medical or health insurance will have to come from your savings. By paying a monthly fee you can assure that your loved ones will never be subjected to unsuitable healthcare.

The cost of medical care has been well documented in many countries where swollen ankles, broken arms and even pregnancy can severely impact your finances should you not have appropriate medical cover. One only has to look at countries like America and Switzerland where healthcare for travelers is pretty much mandatory given that bills can cost in the thousands. There are a myriad of financial companies who can offer you healthcare insurance, however finding the right one that takes into account all your specific conditions and gives you the best level of cover can be daunting. This is why we would recommend taking the time to sit down with an Advisers Worldwide adviser to help make sense of all the different options available so you can choose the one most relevant to you and your needs.

We would also recommend anyone with a mortgage abroad to consider life insurance should the worst happen, more so if you have your family with you and are the main wage earner. Many today want to have the peace of mind that should the unfortunate happen they can be assured that their family we be financially cared for in their time of need.

Another issue that you may wish to consider is income replacement insurance. In the possibility that you are no longer able to work due to ill health and you lose your job, you will want to be sure that you have money in place to maintain your bills and expenses until you can find another posting. For a small premium you can arrange cover that can get you through difficult times until you are back on your feet.

Arranging insurance, contrary to belief, can be a very simple and rewarding task if done properly. For a hassle free way of finding the most appropriate cover let us take the time to give you the best direction we can to ensure that whatever happens, there is something in place to support you.

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